Tuesday, December 16, 2003  

Hi friends, I have moved my blog! You now find me at reinhold.typepad.com See ya there. Thanks, Blogger!

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Friday, November 07, 2003  

This week I spent 3 days with 2 friends at 1 conference on emerging church. Met Andrew again and enjoyed Brian McLaren. There are so many things at stake if you want to define church for the time to come! Like the quote by Len Sweet: the church "mistakes the dawn for a setting sun". I did this, too, I admit. Sweets book "Carpe MaƄana" helped me to try to see the dawn instead of dusk. Shame, since I work with a ministry called "DAWN"...

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Wednesday, October 29, 2003  

So much time gone again. The big thing was last weekend, my wife's 50th birthday. 35 friends and neighbours for a Brunch on Saturday, 15 for coffee, and more than 40 people at a big Party in the evening. Total family business changing the house into a party-like place, setting up meditation and chill-out rooms, providing food and drinks in large amounts and teaching people the first steps in Salsa at night. Much work but Grrrreat fun. I have such a great wife.
Yesterday went to Germany to spend time with Andreas Wolf evaluating the European Research Project on Church Planting. Going slowly but preparing to be a large, multi-year project.

In the meantime, autumn is here - a time of year that I love, mainly because of the colours and the contrast between rain, wind and a warm house.

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Tuesday, October 07, 2003  

Today, our 25th anniversary. And Christina my beautiful daughter's 19th birthday.

Decided on the spot to spend a VERY special night in Lenkerhof Hotel. Found the perfect place. GRRREAT. Our kids ordered flowers in the suite, flowers on the table, a cake afterwards and paid for all the drinks and even the cigar afterwards. What a place! What a night!

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Monday, October 06, 2003  

What is this: ca. 1 mm long, whitish, moves, and if you find it in your kitchen you have to take ALL the food out, search it, clean it, and desinfect the whole place? Some kind of maggot found a way into our beautiful kitchen. And my wife spent almost a whole day (see above). Ouf. Some kind of devolution product.
Do you not want to go to your kitchen and make sure you do not find little 1 mm long, whitish....

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Sunday, October 05, 2003  

Just found out that the Hotel where Michael my son will spend a 6 months internship belongs to an old friend of ours. Wow!! God is great and Switzerland is small...

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Rain. Quiet sunday. Autumn came in time - Oct 1 it started getting rainy and cold. I love fall - it is like being more alive than in summer. Change and colours and smells - wonderful. My pool in the garden is ready, quite proud of it (it takes so little....) Lots of good time with the family. My son Mike found a wonderful place for his internship, his dream hotel in Lenk. Will start tomorrow.
Our newspaper is out, but it takes much to become professional. Preparing conferences and meetings on church planting an church innovation.
Otherwise, I am busy preparing for a doctorate thesis - although I have no clue yet whether it is possible to write a dissertation on something like "the postmodern / postchristian culture shift and the church". But this is what I would like to research and work on in depth.

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Monday, September 22, 2003  

Today, a BIG day. The miracle happened and we were able to collect over Sfr. 40.000 for the newspaper to start - in two days. I did the first step towards a dissertation. And I worked hard on my garden pool and brook. After supper, rewarded myself with an excellent cigar (the best and only one I have). Re-discovered Dashiell Hammet detective stories.
My wife is in Southern France with friends and our youngest boy. This gives me a whole week of almost unending time.
Watched Matrix Reloaded tonight with my eldest son. If you look for great Special effects, or if you love Kung Fu (or whatever that is called), you will be enthusiastic. If you look for some kind of good plot, you will doubt. If you look for meaning, forget it. Guess I am not yet postmodern enough.

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Sunday, September 21, 2003  

Today, national Alphalive conference; had a speech on the Challenge of postmodernism. There are more than 20.000 Alpha courses running worldwide, several hundred in Switzerland.
Had three great conversations with leaders; things are happening. Everywhere, signs of new life and new things. Switzerland is especially good, it seems, in connecting ministries and creating synergies.

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Saturday, September 20, 2003  

We need 40.000 Swiss Francs until 5 pm on Monday to really make the newspaper start. Anyone's purse itching?

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